Dams of ABBRA Yorkies


Uma Sunetron Nove


Tasha was born in the Czech Republic and was added to the kennel to diversify the blood lines. She took a 3 point major her first show out in July 2015. She has a beautiful, fast growing, silky coat, and great structure, with leg and neck. 





Sugar Maple's we

danced at ABBRA


Paisley (on left) is Naughty's half sister and showing just was not her passion. She decided that being home was where she wanted to be. She is pictured beside her father Grizzly.




AKC Champion

ABBRA's Steele

Your Heart


Sapphire is the daughter of Amadeus and on her second weekend out she took a 5 point major and a 3 point major in July 2015. She then won two 5 point majors and in December 2015 she finished her Championship. She is our first bred by female Champion and we are truly proud of her. 

Glitter in

the Air at ABBRA


Pink is kind, gentle, has  great structure, size, leg, and neck. Her father is a champion and she continues to have litters of extremely healthy and friendly puppies.